isadora tomasi

Born in Italy on the 16th of April 1987. Isadora grew up in Venice and followed music and dance classes since the age of 6. At the age of 14 she attended the high school of performing arts in Parma. It is inside that building that her passion for theater and performance started.

In 2011 she obtained the diploma at the school of text theater “Scene 7” in Lyon. In 2015 she graduated at the Mime School in the Amsterdamse Hoogeschool voor the Kunsten – Theaterschool, Amsterdam.

Since 2011 she collaborated with Wild Vlees, Giulio D’anna, Golden Palace, Carver, Nicole Beutler, Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige and she also created various solo works and in collaboration with the collective My sisters’ collected fantasies .

In 2014 she made together with Les Bell and Kelvin Pater the visual-sound and movement piece RHEA. The performance, after being as form of a solo, developed towards an extended version which took place at the Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam in December 2015. The Extended version of RHEA is made with the collaboration of Les Bell as sound designer, the visual asrtists Joachim Beens and Winnie Claessens, Lucas Kramer as technical and artistic support and her brother Tobia Tomasi as second performer and musician.

In 2015 she performed at the 56th edition of The Venice Biennale for the artists Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige.

In 2017 Isadora made a new concert piece “Isadora in collaboration with Son of Mom a.k.a. Angry Man”.
The performance explores the relation between feminine, technology, sound and body through the means of a concert.

Since 2016 she started producing music for theatre. In this role she worked with Fernando Belfiore, Charlie Laban Trier, Andreas Hannes, Son of Mom and Julien Alembik.

She is currently developing her work in collaboration with Moa Holgersson in the frame of performance and experimental concert. The project’s name is YOU TELL ME.

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