About Us

Hosting and Deejaying as an artistic practice…

SonOfMom was formed in 2016 as an experiment of two friends exploring the politics of social power structures that inform the body. The experiment led to the expansion of the project and the creation of the identity of SonOfMom which aims to project the voice of artists we favor.

We are interested equally in both, eponymous and anonymous artists. We love spectacle and yet we are striving for bending perspectives. Our own first.


Reaching out for cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaborations and references we take ownership of the word ‘Art’ and embrace it to our standards. Some times we take the term lightly with a pinch of salt, and other times we commit to analyzing its meaning based on current social, cultural and economical patterns.

With consciousness we raise a fist across our own power structures and attempt to propose an alternative way of mobilizing, generating and hosting art; give context to existing or work-in-progress ideas which are looking for the right place to be.