w3 by SonOfMom 2016 (Red)

#Performance #Dance #Theater #2016 #Isadora Tomasi #Alya Hessy #Tiana Hemlock #SonOfMom

W3 by SonOfMom is the second part (Red) of a choreographic gesture which problematizes the current state of European democratic affairs and identity whilst projecting on archetypal constructs of a woman through the exposure of three artists; a Mother, a Goddess and a Witch. Alya Hessy, Isadora Tomasi and Tiana Hemlock are three artists carrying a story of birth, life and destruction all expressed through channels of the artists’ womanhood. SonOfMom views them as a shield to the world. SonOfMom asks them to stand up for themselves. These are the role models that SonOfMom grew up with and they are to be voiced.

A textile artist, a musician and a choreographer/ performing artists combine their knowledge to mediate solutions and produce an audiovisual experience that reveals their identity through metaphors the three artists developed. Each one is busy with their own system; they are harmonized and polarized at the same time. They find the space to be separate and together, serving and dominating each other while negotiating their relationships. Who is the head? Should their be one? Do they sacrifice their identity for the sake of peace, or do they sacrifice peace for the sake of identity?

concept/ development SonOfMom
performers and co-creation Alya Hessy, Isadora Tomazi, Tiana Hemlock
textile/ text Alya Hessy – http://www.alyahessy.com/
music Isadora Tomazi – https://cargocollective.com/isadoratomasi
rehearsal direction Tiana Hemlock – https://thyinc.wordpress.com/
video work Margarita Iosif – http://margaritaiosif.com/
advisers Matias Daporta, Katerina Bakatsaki

#Performance #Dance #Theater #2016 #Isadora Tomasi #Alya Hessy #Tiana Hemlock #SonOfMom

“Origins – Son of Mom finds comfort in the presence of females. They consider themselves the work, the project undertaken by strong female figures. This females have educated them, fed them, cared for them, healed them and cultivated their ethics and discipline upon them. “