into the fall

Words are for fools
I am the biggest fool of all
Few can smash my ego and make cream
Breakfast for men with a hangover
I become
Baby look at me

In the first hours teeth cut
Lips wet
Tongues role
I hang from croissant leftovers
In hot dry air
An easy going Antoinette
I become
Girls just wanna have fun

Words leave his mouth
Make sun
Same words now drill inside
Shoot out
Kill stars
Kill reasons
They take flesh
Sweat and one summer’s sea salt
They become
Baby look at this

Posso avere un gelato al limone per favore
A smile
Baby look at me

Always concerned with her public appearance, Marie Antoinette began wearing a looser fitting, simple white dress called the chemise à la reine (or “chemise of the queen”) to appear less extravagant and appeal to the commoners. At first, she was criticized for the style, but ironically, it was eventually taken up by women of the French Revolution.