flowers by PMK

Flowers #Pavlos Marios Ktoridis #Dance #Performance #2014

Conceived and performed in 2014 by Pavlos Marios Ktoridis, Flowers was the result of a fascination on flowers and their use in Vanitas. Vanitas: “A vanitas is a symbolic work of art showing the transience of life, the futility of pleasure, and the certainty of death, often contrasting symbols of wealth and symbols of ephemerality and death.” 

The performance starts with a hyper-conditioned body entering the space and starting to interact with this lifeless object (boom-box on wills) both physically and audibly with the soundscape that the object is projecting. The performance tries to evoke through traditional means a powerful, almost narcissistic persona which enjoys exhibiting itself. 

Whilst this persona is going through a realization following an intense negotiation with the sound projected by another equally strong body on stage. A glittery loud boom-box.

#Flowers #Pavlos Marios Ktoridis #Dance #Performance #2014