111 / seven by anonymous 2015 (White)

An exploration on purity and basics this is an unsigned piece of work making its first appearance in Amsterdam, at Veem House for Performance in 2015 and later at Frascati in June 2016 in the context of “My Gracious Gardens”, an evening curated by Pavlos Marios Ktoridis with works from SonOfMom, Charlie Laban, Isadora Tomasi, Maria Peralta, Ineke Ebbigne. Alya Hessy, Tiana Hemlock.

The work provides no information about its origin other than a concept based title assigned to the piece purely based on its architecture. Three performers executing a seven minute piece. In binary numbering 111 represents in decimal number 7.

Original cast: Maud Huizing, Masha Zhukova and Katarina Cvorovic

Also performed by: Rebecca Collins, Diana Šenauskaitė and Quinty Boer.

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